Read Lapka, a Hindi love story between a local man and a for

A millionaire European girl and a local tour guide fall in love in the book Lapka, which is set against the backdrop of Khajuraho. A little village in central India called Khajuraho is encircled by 21 historic temples that date from between the ninth and the twelfth century. After India gained its independence, Khajuraho once more rose to prominence as a travel destination. Unlike other tourists, Anna wanted to visit Khajuraho to write about it. You should write it so beautifully that it reads like a movie. She required a guide for this who was likewise unique. "बृजभूषण चन्देल (बीबीसी), गाइड एंड विलेज टूरिज्म प्रोमोटर। सेवन लैंग्वेज एक्सपर्ट। ऑल्वेज़ एट योअर सर्विस।" This is the visitor's card that our main character, Anna, the international visitor to Khajuraho, gets from the BBC's "Lapka" programme.A slang name for guides attempting to draw wealthy foreign women visitors is "lapka." What transpires when Anna encounters the BBC-designated Lapka? What distinguishes him from other guides so much? What mysteries does the Khajuraho region store for our heroes? Sunil Chaturvedi invites us to glimpse into the lives and exploits of Anna, BBC, Naved, Ravi, and many other fascinating personalities as he masterfully depicts the mystery of Khajuraho.

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