20ft Shipping Containers for Sale in Mumbai

Area/Neighbourhood: Mumbai, Maharashtra

If you are struggling to find extra space to store your equipment, look no further! Pelican Containers (As an agent of Top Universe) offers a 20ft shipping container for sale in Mumbai and across India. We supply a range of shipping containers at affordable prices. 


Used 20ft shipping containers are aimed at general purpose use. These are the most common size and perfect for transportation and storage goods.


To buy the right 20ft shipping containers in Mumbai. Please contact us today!


A standard 20ft container dimensions are as follows:


  • External measurement: 20’/8’/8’6″

  • Internal measurement: 19’3″/7’7″/7’9″

  • Floor area: 150sqft

  • Maximum weight: 2230kg


Applications of a 20ft shipping container:


  • Wind and waterproof.

  • Suited for Transport.

  • Suited for Storage.

  • Equipped with a wooden floor.

  • Containers are inexpensive and versatile.


Features of a 20ft shipping container:


  • A robust all-steel construction with corrugated walls for extra strength.

  • Heavy duty marine timber flooring.

  • Heavy duty wide opening doors (270 degrees) for easy access.

  • Floor lashing points for securing goods.

  • Forklift pockets for handling and mobility.



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