Colour Variety In The Pigment Preparations

Unilex Colours & chemicals Ltd. has a wide range of colours & pigments which are both organic and top-quality material. We offer a huge variety from food colours to acid dyes to organic and inorganic pigments. Everything from our side can be used for various industrial purposes. When it comes to reliability, you will get to know that our products are the best quality food colours and some of the best organic pigments, and solvent dyes in the market. Being one of the top manufacturers in the market for chemicals and colours, we cater the industry best material to our clients



There is a wide range of products that we have to offer, like some beneficial, natural and synthetic food edible colours that you can use to make your food look pretty as a picture. Apart from synthetic and natural food colours, there are several other products that we would like you to know about. Phthalocyanine pigments are also our top-quality product that can be used in production of fabric as colours. Whereas, variants like Phthalocyanine green and blue pigment are mostly used to make bedsheets in hospitals. Some other products like pigment paste, chrome pigments, pigment emulsion, and flourescent pigments are also a part of our colours & chemical product line.

Our aim is simple, to provide you the best that we can is something really much bigger priority from our side. Making our customers happy, and provide best services to them is what our team aims for. To reach up to serves various purposes in their industries and being the top natural & synthetic food colour manufacturer is one of our goals.


This pigment is manufactured so that various industries can get a wide variety of range in colours. Hence, various colours such as Flourescent Pigments, ultramarine blue pigments, pigment blue 15, pigment blue 15.3, and pigment 15.4 are used for ink printings in various industries. The printing press is one of the industries in which pigment preparation is used to produce different variants in the colours. There are numerous other colour variants like pigment green 7, and it is mostly used for coating industrial equipment. The main reason behind using this pigment green paste is to give the equipment identity and also because these pigments are rust-free, which industries found as a beneficial factor for their machine coating. The pigment pastes are also a useful category that is utilized for painting different items such as showpieces, or furniture, decors, and various other items where colour pigmentation is required. colours used as pigment pastes are pigment red paste, pigment violet paste, and pastes like pigment black pastes.   

Various uses of these pigments are adapted by the industries in the production process of items, and it can be considered that these organic and inorganic pigments have become a useful factor for various industries in their branding and identification procedure. Hence all of the above points explain various industrial applications and the importance of pigment preparations.

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