She made foods

She Made’s story began with Sujatha – a mother – looking to provide her kids with a delicious, nutritional, and healthy breakfast. While browsing through supermarkets, she found most products contained complicated and synthetic ingredients that were not ideal for her kids. Unable to find the perfect nutritious breakfast product that was clean-label, free-from most allergens, and tasty, Sujatha set out to create her own.

Her experiments with food began in 2002 when she burned her first lot of breakfast granolas. After months of trial-and-error, she finally figured out the perfect recipe to create breakfast granolas that were nutritionally balanced and appealing to the kids.

The brand ‘She Made’ was born when friends and family lapped up her creations, demanding an ever more diverse set of products to fulfill different cravings and needs. Over time, those early breakfast cereals morphed into an exhaustive range of products starting with breakfast granolas to all-day snacking foods such as crackers, biscotti, toasts, trail mixes, and bars bites that appeal to people of all ages and diets.

Sujatha’s personal history of being knowledgeable about a balanced and nutritional diet, and her awareness of allergy-causing ingredients has made She Made the perfect fit for our times. Our products mesh well with the demands for clean-label and free-from food products by individuals who do not wish to compromise on the nutritional content or taste of what they ingest.

Our exhaustive range of products fulfills the fun, fresh, and healthy dimensions essential to replacing today’s fast-food snacks. With millennials and younger kids opting out of a traditional breakfast, our portfolio of products offers suitable alternatives, by addressing the growing demand for “All-day foods,” starting from busy-body breakfasts to filling and fulfilling snacks, “ON THE GO.”

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