Novakid International School of English

Bring new students and get rewarded for each! 

500 rubles - you are guaranteed to receive for each completed trial lesson. If a client has 3 children who have completed a trial lesson, you will receive 500*3=1500 rubles. Trial lesson - free for the client 

30% of the order amount - you will receive if the client has made the first purchase. It does not matter which tariff the client chose and what was the amount of the purchase. We pay for the fact of the first payment. 

Important! Trial lesson rewards and purchase rewards are not cumulative. 

For a completed trial lesson, you get 500, if the same client then made a purchase, you get exactly 2700, and not the amount of 500 + 2700.

If a client has 3 children who have completed a trial lesson and had one purchase, you will receive 

Facts about Novakid 

International School of English, 
5000 students 4-12 years old from 36 countries are engaged, 
Individual lessons with native speakers - a program of 300 lessons
Independent work - about 700 learning tasks
An exciting format with games and virtual reality
Benefits of Novakid

online learning, 
you can choose any time
can be practiced anywhere 
only native speakers, no Russian teachers  
only certified children's teachers
homework done on request 
there are video recordings of all classes 
Short video about us -

Novakid prices
Cost per lesson starts from 460 ₽ 
You can buy a package of classes or a subscription for 2 or 3 lessons per week 
There are two tariffs 
Standard - classes with a teacher for whom English is a second native language (from 460 ₽ )
Premium - classes with a native speaker from the USA , England and other countries (from 810 ₽)

Target audience Novakid
Age 25 - 45 
Have children from 4 to 12 years old 
Income - above average 
Live in large cities  

We work for a Russian-speaking audience in these countries 
United States

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