India a Global Hub for Teleradiology

India a Global Hub for Teleradiology


India preferred location for global teleradiology

Radiology is the most sought out specialties in India due to the demand in evidence-based medicine. Technology has contributed towards a paradigm shift in the world of radiology. Today, India has been established as the teleradiology hub catering to global audience. Countries like USA, UK, Mexico, Brazil, UAE, Yemen, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Greece, etc are now approaching Indian teleradiology companies to cater to their requirement of interpreting images like X-Rays, CT scan, MRI, PET CT Scan, etc.

Why India is a preferred location for teleradiology?

Time zone difference, Subspecialists in demand, Pool of radiologists, Second opinion and Urgent care centers.

Future Teleradiology based in India provides teleradiology services all around the globe. You may be located in USA, Mexico, Brazil, UAE, Yemen, Kuwait, etc. or any other country- reach out to us for the best teleradiology services.

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