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Dr. Varsha Kurhade(Painex)- Pain Management Clinic in Pune

A well known Pain Management is a branch of medicine that applies science to the reduction of pain. It covers a wide spectrum of pain conditions. Pain management concept is a rapidly growing medical specialty that takes a multi-disciplinary approach and non surgical interventions to treating all kinds of pain. Dr. Varsha Kurhade, a pain management specialist at the Painex Clinic, says: “We evaluate, rehabilitate and treat people in pain”.

Our initiative to “take pain seriously and we treat it aggressively” gives us significant results in pain management. We treated thousand of patients with this modality and help to resume the patients normal pain free life. Our team who specialize in the field of  pain management recognize the complex nature of pain, and a pain doctor “approaches the problem from all directions, Ideally, treatment at a pain clinic is patient-centric, but in reality, this may depend on the available resources of the facilities.

Our center provides services for Lower back pain & Back Pain treatment in Pune l Spine Pain Treatment in Pune l Spine Specialist in Pune l  Knee pain treatment in Pune l Shoulder Specialist in Pune l Sciatica Treatment in Pune l Pelvic Pain Treatment l Migraine Specialist in Pune l Heel and Ankle Pain Treatment.

While some types of pain can be acute or chronic, such as headaches, and others acute, such as from surgery, the field of pain management treats all of it as a disease.

We now have many modalities, including medication, interventional pain management techniques (nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulators, and similar treatments), along with physiotherapy and alternative medicine to help reduce the pain.

The primary goal of pain management is to minimize pain, rather than eliminate it. Other goals are to improve function and increase the quality of life. These three goals go hand-in-hand. We at Painex, Pain management clinic Pune have dedicated team of qualified and experienced pain physician. Our centers are located all  across the Pune city and Pimpri Chinchwad area. We are moving towards the education about treatment of new era for pain management through various public awareness programs, corporate health talks and society awareness lectures. Our ultimate goal is build awareness in the society towards new treatment techniques to treat the pain and to live a #painfree life.

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