Mufasa Pets


Make a wish for a pet at Mufasapet!

Macaw, Sun Conure, Cockateil, Cockatoo, African grey parrot you like it you come see and take it! That’s how simple it is to become a pet owner with Mufasapets in Chennai having your back.

Too many questions in your mind? All shall be answered as many times as you like to ask, but don’t be surprised with additional information and instructions from our expert staff team at Mufasapet. The team is fully equipped with the latest in the subject matter in the discussion. You will be awed by the passion they have with the relationship they share with the pets at Mufasapets!

We know you will trust us after you have the opportunity to spend time with the pets along with the team at Mufasapets. We are diligent about our business and hence the professionalism is the nerve of the execution. All of the above makes us ethical and dependable. Welcome your latest addition which as much as excitement as we have in finding a new permanent home for our baby!

The pets are hand fed under and taken care off as you would of your family member. Mufasapets is ever ready to associate with a new family to make our pet their family member.  Count on us to count on you!

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98, Periyar Pathai, Andavar Nagar, Choolaimedu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600026

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