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Price: 10,000 INR/Year

Naresh I Technologies provides you the  100% assurance on your ReactJS Online Course with Success. Our ReactJS online training Course focuses on practical oriented training. You can now learn React JS online training from the real-time developers of the IT industry. Join us today to experience the best of best Online React JS Training! With React JS, you can create dynamic web applications that deliver amazing user-interface to the users. That is the reason why today most of the companies prefer to use ReactJS.

History of ReactJS:

Original author(s): Jordan Walke

Initial release: May 29, 2013

Stable release : 16.13.1 / March 19, 2020

Repository: React Repository

Written in: JavaScript

About ReactJS:

ReactJS is a JavaScript library responsible for providing UI components for client-side development. ReactJS has a DOM( Document Object Layer) which helps it to be faster by refreshing only some part of the page which user views. ReactJS can be used for developing dynamic network applications, ReactJS is a library for building composable user interfaces. It encourages the creation of reusable UI components that present data that changes over time. It is not a complete application framework like angular, it is just a view layer. So it is not directly comparable to frameworks like angular.


Basic Knowledge of Javascript, HTML, and CSS

Fair Knowledge On basics of testing tools

Basics of OOPS Concepts

What you learn:

ReactJS allows developers to create large web applications. It helps develop dynamic apps. Data changes in dynamic apps without reloading the page. The main advantage of ReactJS is that it makes the application simple and dynamic. Static web applications don’t give the desired user-interface to the user. Hence, attending ReactJS Online Training will help you build lively apps.

ReactJS Online Course will guide you in

  • Building complex UI
  • Creating any type of web application, mobile application or command-line interfaces.
  • Developing a flexible and dynamic front-end for the user view

ReactJS Online Course provided by Naresh I Technologies will benefit you in many ways.

We save your time and money by cutting short your travel time

You can attend three demo sessions with free of cost

Where ever you are, you can still attend the training via Zoom 

We are giving instructors to lead live teaching.

Our trainers are real-time experts.

We are providing video recordings of every live class with one year of access.

Our trainers will provide a soft copy of the class notes for every concept.

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