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The University of Northern Philippines (UNP) is a university in Barangay , Tamag, in the City of Vigan , Philippines. It is the first and oldest state university in Northern Luzon which offers low tuition fee, tracing its roots to 1906, which is older than the University of the Philippines by two years. It is the only state university in the province aimed for less-fortunate people and one of three state-owned educational institutions of higher learning operating in Ilocos Sur.

UNP is a Government University (106 years old). Holds the distinction of Level IV University in the country. UNP is Collaborated with University of Hawaii Kapiolani College for nursing with No capitation fee, No language barrier, affordable tuition fee, Easy payment schemes, Good Indian food, Well trained faculties, Trained lab faculties, Lots of Indian students. Secured campus facility and many more..

The country boasts of a unique identity that is mixture of different cultures and communities from western as well as its neighbouring eastern countries. Philippine culture shares a lot of similarities with western culture as it was occupied by Spain for around 300 years and the United states for about 50 years. Filipinos are known for their Hospitality.

UNP attains excellence and leadership among Instruction in Medicine and Allied Health Professions responsive to the needs of the dynamic health system. Enhance scientific, clerical and community based health researchers along identified local and global concerns for the improvement of the general health and conditions. Strengthen relevant extension services and help uplift people’s lives.

UNP Hospital is an institute that resonates the coming of age of medical services in Vigan City, Philippines. UNP Hospital provides a wide range of inpatient and outpatient medical, surgical and diagnostic services with an integrated team of skilled and compassionate physicians, health care professionals and staff.UNP Hospital has grown and expanded to provide new and advanced services, the latest technology and modern facilities to meet the needs of the communities.

The university provides its students with sufficiently comfortable Housing facilities for both male and female student residents. These dormitories are provided with bathrooms, kitchen and laundry areas, computer centre for speedy internet service, athletic oval and gymnasium for sports and recreational activities, laboratory facilities with wide variety of simulations, audio-visual materials and models for research and experimentation.

UNP is Recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI),Commission Higher Education on (CHED),World Health Organization(WHO),Listed in International Medical Education Directory (IMED),Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG),Indonesian Medical Council (IMC),Nepal Medical Council(NMC),Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council(BMDC), Maldives Medical Council (MMC), Pakistan Medical & Dental Council(PMDC) & Medical Council of Thailand.

UNP is duly Accredited and Certified by the Commission of Higher Education (CHED).Holds the distinction of Level IV University in the country.UNP is collaborated with University of Hawaii Kapiolani College for nursing.

Choosing UNP will make great difference in your Medical career to get great foundation with advanced learning facilities.


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