A beginner’s guide to choosing a carpet — Part 3

1. While choosing a carpet manufacturer in India, you need to keep in mind that its variety is good and it should be within your budget. You can buy it from any showroom, flooring company, big departmental store, or even online. 

2. Don't look for a long warranty while buying a carpet for house. Buy carpets that are made from good materials. If the carpet is made of good quality then its warranty is going to be more as well. 

3. Always buy carpets made of wool or organic material. Never buy those made of volatile materials as they tend to smell after installation. 

4. When it comes to expenses, it can be a good idea to first prepare a budget.

Also, the cost of a carpet is according to its square feet. It is better that you choose a carpet that is easy to clean and is not expensive for you.

If you are looking to buy the best carpets for your living room, choose a low-budget one. Also, keep in mind the maintenance cost of the carpet before buying it. 



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