How is carpet flooring healthier

Carpet flooring can be a significant source of exposure to chemicals that are associated with a range of serious health issues, including asthma, cancer, diabetes, immune system disorders, and reproductive and developmental harm. Health problems linked to chemical exposure are on the rise. Our guidelines restrict the use of harmful substances—including vinyl, PFAS, bisphenols, and flame retardant chemicals—associated with these and other conditions.

Conventional carpet flooring products can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which have been found to impair cognition. A recent study found that in a setting with average VOC levels, people had significantly diminished cognitive functions compared to when they worked in a setting with increased ventilation and reduced VOC levels. In the improved indoor environment, participants scored substantially higher on cognition tests that measured functions including crisis response, information usage, and strategy, among others. Our guidelines restrict VOC emissions and require products to meet the highest standards for indoor air quality.

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