Admissions Open - Dehradun College of Art

Area/Neighbourhood: Dehradun

Dehradun College of Art is an Fine Art Institute in Dehradun well known for the BFA, MFA, Painting, Sketching, Drawing, Hobby Courses & Classes in Dehradun.. We provide the best tools & techniques to learn art from being a Beginner to becoming a Professional.  We believe art doesn’t have a confinement of age at all. We have always been open to all art lovers of all Age.
We provide freedom with responsibility in the dynamic contemporary culture. The student has to understand the relationship between art practice and active participation in the challenging wider world. This will enable students to relate to contemporary art discourse. They have to engage in a dialogue to provide hands on experience with skills and craft. On completion of the course, a student should have identified his/her area of specialization, and focus on acquiring a professional understanding of the wide opportunities available for practicing artists in our contemporary times.
Dehradun College of art aims at promotion and education of visual culture in the current day global context.

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