8 big data Analytics Firm

Area/Neighbourhood: New Delhi

Accenture seems to be in a shopping mode. In the last 2 years, it acquired cybersecurity and technology company BCT Solutions in June and acquisition of PrimeQ, top Oracle software-as-a-service cloud implementation service providers in December 2018.

As per Infotechlead, They have recently bought Analytics8 which specializes in data management, reporting, and visualization, data and analytics services. Analytics8 have got their offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

They are going to join Accenture Applied Intelligence, which uses artificial intelligence-powered data, analytics, and automation to assist clients to change the business dynamics.

Accenture is strengthening its big data and analytics domain and is poised to emerge as a world leader in the data space.

The Global Big Data market place is actually believed to be $23.56 billion in 2015 and is all set to grow to $118.52 billion by 2022. Hasty growth in customer data, better info security, improved business benefits are several of the main factors fueling market development.

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