Sleep-deprived for Bed Bugs? Avail Bed Bugs Control Services

They feed on the blood of sleeping humans. They take refuge in bed and are most active at night. Bed bugs are notorious for giving sleepless nights to many. Are you one of them? Then don’t hesitate to book PESTICO’s specialized bed bug control services.

The ISO 9000:2015, ISO 45000:2018 and HACCP certified company is notable for providing powerful pest control solutions, including exterminating bed bugs from residential and commercial establishments. The highly qualified and trained specialists begin by thoroughly inspecting the premises to spot bed bugs. This is followed by spray chemical pesticides on the infested items, cracks in the walls, wall-mounted items and floor. Only certified chemicals and professional equipment are used to control and prevent bed bug infestation. PESTICO also stands out for offering an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of three services and a single treatment of two services and sixty-days warranty.

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