ISO 9001 Certification in Iraq

Area/Neighbourhood: Sandimet Building, , Near Asadi Mosque, , Duhok, Kurdistan Region, , Iraq, , Pincode: 44001, Contact No: +917760034085

ISO 9001 Certification is set of requirements of Quality Management System for an organization. It specifies that the quality procedures followed in the products/services of Organization are ISO 9001 standard complaint. ISO 9001 Certification is eligible for all organizations in the world. No need to look up services every company is eligible to get certified under ISO 9001 Certification in Iraq. ISO 9001 standard in Iraq requires certification. ISO 9001 Implementation in Iraq organization only defines standards, it do not deal with providing any ISO standard certification to Organizations. It is important to get ISO 9001 Certification for any Organization so that it can function with easy. This ISO 9001 Certification does apply to Health care Industry that deals with general healthcare and the critical healthcare. The QMS was first introduced into Health care system when media threw the light on the huge number of deceased patients due to medical errors. A study showed in 1998, a number ranging from 44 to 98 thousand patients died due to medical errors in the Country United States alone. With globalization and increased competition mandated need for solid quality standard in Health care System.


 Sandimet building,

Near Asadi Mosque,

Duhok, Kurdistan Region,


pincode: 44001  


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