Create a deluxe room in minutes with a Wedgwood Arris rug!


Wall paints and luxe furnishings may be the right keys to plush interiors but not everyone can afford them. So, we have for budget-shoppers a simple, affordable and effortless way to create luxurious interiors. Wedgwood Arris rugs in four diverse colours of pink, teal, cream and grey are home décor items you can spend on. It takes minutes to unroll and lay them in the favourite spot of your home! The glistening hexagon shapes on opulent colours and premium wool with silk yarns decorating them are reasons enough to shop one from Plus, they cost only €485 at our online rug store! Save further on delivery charges as it’s free! However, given the present situation, it may take 14 days to reach your doorstep. So, hurry and place your orders from if you wish to own them as soon as possible.

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