Phoenix – 3d Ground Scanner / New 2021

Phoenix – 3D Ground Scanner / New 2021


Phoenix is anew 3D ground scanner & metal detector device from the German company Mega Detection, it is the latest release of the company in 2021.


Phoenix is a comprehensive ground scanner, the first device in the world that includes all the ground scan technologies in one device, through 3 different search systems.


Phoenix includes a completely new ground scan technology via the M.G.S a multi-ground scanner probe and the V.S.T vertical high-signal transceiver probe, which provide professional treasure hunters the tools to scan the ground to great depths accurately and quickly with visual representation of the scanning results on the device screen or on any supported tablet via the Multi Visual Analyzer app.


Phoenix device, via its scanning tools and built-in search systems, is a multi-purpose device with which it can search for golden treasures and burials at great depths, excavate antiquities, detect all kinds of minerals, as well as detect voids, tunnels and caves.


Phoenix ground scanner is a professional device dedicated to the work of professional prospectors, but at the same time easy to use for amateurs and novices in the field of burial detection thanks to its multilingual software program with a simplified graphical interface that provides the user with a smooth experience in adjusting the ground scan settings, choosing search systems, and visually displaying results that ensure the best performance in detecting all buried targets accurately.


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