Trendy men's fur hats at Amifur

Area/Neighbourhood: Via Monte Genzana 14

Men were wearing fur before they developed fabrics and as head protection and adornment, fur still endures with a timeless grace and style. Fur hats for men are stylish accessories that also serve the dual purpose of keeping you protected in biting cold weather. Otherwise, even in warm weather, a fur hat makes men feel and look superstylish with a typical identity all their own. Amifur’s Russian style fur hats in beaver, mink raccoon, fox, karakul or rabbit fur are all the rage with everyone from busy executives to hip hop youth. The headgear is not just for protection; it is a style statement. Hats with flaps keep you snugly comfortable and warm in bitter winters but in a stylishly cool way. A good thing about fur hats is that you do not have to stick to any defined fashion conventions and can wear a coonskin cap with aplomb just as you can carry off a karakul fur hat visor with equal flair.

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