Manufacturing Of Solar Panels in Italy

Our photovoltaic solar panels are created with attention to detail in the highest possible manner with the consideration of whether the product is competent technically and gives an aesthetic look or not. We are not just bound to competition in the market instead, our main focus is on creating ETFE Based Semi Flexible Solar Panel that are compatible to be used for the self-generation energy process. Our mission is to give quality to our life without impacting the current scenario. Our ETFE based Solar Panels are designed in a manner that they do not alter reality or affect others' lives.
By creating semi flexible solar panel that are high quality, is what we aim. Solartech’s most of the ETFE Solar Panels are designed in 7 layer technology, and comprise of anti-reflective ETFE surface, G-Wire Technolgy and use special materials such as thermoplastics or laminated fiberglass for manufacturing purpose. Due to the use of excellent materials, the Solar semi flexible panel have high corrosion resistance and structural strength even at a high-temperature range. Along with other such qualities, they also have excellent electrical, chemical, and high-energy radiation resistance properties. 
Our Solar Power Panels are designed in Italy and are produced by using the most advanced technologies and best quality processing. These solar panels are the perfect Italian beauty with high efficiency that are easy to install and long-lasting. 

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Fly Solartech Solutions SRL

Legal HQ: Piazza C. Cattaneo 6, 33038
San Daniele del Friuli (UD) – Italy
Operative HQ: Via Giuseppe Mazzini 4, 33038
San Daniele del Friuli (UD) – Italy
Call Us: (+39) 0432 955377


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