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Area/Neighbourhood: Via Pio Fedi 47, 50142 Florence (Italy)

If you’re looking for wedding photographer to give your special day a special attention 

Time to book dream Wedding Photographer in Italy.

Carlo Giorgi Associate have a 45 experience of wedding Photography, which speak itself.

About us

  • To date, his work has taken him all around the world to countries such as Japan, Scotland, Russia, India, Finland, the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil – just to name a few!
  • Carlo has shared his expertise, training and educating many up-and-coming photographers.

Why Choose Carlo Giorgi Associates

  •  Weddings come in endless shapes and sizes, but they all share one universal quality.
  • At Carlo Giorgi Associates our goal is to tell the story of your wedding day through glimpses of emotion

Preserve your every emotion of your wedding Call Now +39 335 8359797 or directly visit website http://www.carlogiorgiassociates.com/ .

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