blueair, fridge, dryer, water dispenser, coffee machines

Area/Neighbourhood: Fahaheel

Toshiba double door fridge – 28kd

Blueair 503 air purifier (need filters) – 22kd

Smover hepa air purifier – 18kd

Frigidiare 7kg air vented dryer – 30kd

Professional series treadmill with inclination, heavy duty – 45kd (need maintenance in motor)

Wansa big fridge double door – 12kd cooling good but not making ice

Coolpex water tank only – 5kd

Frigidiare wall fan – 5kd

Six pack ab workout bench – 15kd

Osim ushape fitness vibration board – 30kd

Princess electric oven 43L capacity – 8kd

OSN full hd receiver with 500gb hdd – 16kd  

Portable power bank station – 12kd

Acer hd projector with hdmi – 35kd

Panasonic iron – 3kd

Tefal iron – 3kd

Bisell electric chargeable mop – 8kd

Rossmax swiss compressor nebulizer – 6kd

Omron compressor nebulizer – 6kd

Germany made compressor nebulizer – 8kd

Alghanim water cooler with dispenser – 12kd

Ozzan home jacuzzi motor and mat – 12kd

Philips coffee with swirl – 10kd

Princess electric grill with glass top – 10kd

12 fins oil heater – 10kd

6 fins oil heater with heating fan – 6kd

Delonghi coffee machine – 7kd

Philips rechargeable water flosser – 6kd

Ritello water filtration vacuum cleaner – 18kd

Edisson powder coffee maker – 5kd

electric vaporizer - 5kd.

Neck massager 12v – 6kd.

Shoulder massager belt – 6kd

feet vibrator machine (machine) – 8kd.

Feet roller (machine) – 5kd.

Head massager machine – 6kd.

Location - Fahaheel

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