Stove, TV Stand, Chest, Chairs

Area/Neighbourhood: Sabah Al Ahmed

2 Green Sofa Chairs: 15KD Each

Electric Stove: 25KD

TV Stand: 20KD

1 Wooden Carts: 10KD

Small Wooden Shelf: 8KD

Large Wooden Shelf: 15KD

White Night Stand: 5KD

Weight Bench: 30 KD

Bar and Weights: 20KD


50 inch Samsung TV: 25KD  ---SOLD---

hand Vacuum: 5KD  ---SOLD---

Table Desk: 20KD  ---SOLD---

Gym Mats: 10KD  ---SOLD---

Kenwood Juicer: 30KD  ---SOLD---

Washer: 25KD ---SOLD---

Dryer: 25KD ---SOLD---

Silver End Table: 8KD  ---SOLD---

Silver Desk: 15KD  ---SOLD---

Ikea Shelf: 20KD  ---SOLD---

Sectional Sofa: 50KD  ---SOLD---

Large Mirror Wardrobe: 60KD   ---SOLD---

Short Mirror Wardrobe: 40KD   ---SOLD---


There is an assortment of Pots, pans, dishes, glasses, and platic wear available and other miscellanous items.

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