yamaha ydp-s30 - 88-key slim digital piano (rosewood)

Area/Neighbourhood: Block 11, Street 175, Hawally
88 Full Size Piano Keys - the keys are shaped to look like a traditional piano keyboard
  • Fully Weighted Graded Hammer Standard Keyboard Action - replicates the subtle changes in the feel and weight of each note of an acoustic piano, allowing greater expression and improved articulation
  • Touch Sensitive Keys - Add expression to your performance as the keys respond to how hard they are played. Playing lightly produces a soft sound, whilst playing harder gives a louder sound
  • 6 AWM sounds - the high quality piano sound is one of 6 digitally recorded voices which use Yamaha's exclusive AWM technology for outstanding sound quality and realism
  • Folding Key Cover - protects the keyboard from dust, knocks or accidental spills
  • 3 Foot Pedals with half pedal feature - As with a traditional piano the pedals can be used to add sustain, sostenuto or dampener effects
  • Includes 50 Preset Performances - for you to sit back and enjoy
  • 2 x Headphone Sockets - for private practice
  • 1 Track Song Recorder - ideal for playing evaluation
  • MIDI Connection - allows connection to other MIDI instruments
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