Kutting Weight Neoprene Weight Loss Unisex Sauna Suit

Area/Neighbourhood: Salmiya

The Sauna Suit

Suit up and slim down by trapping body heat with our one-of-a-kind Sauna Suit.

Our Sauna Suit’s innovative design keeps heat around your core to enhance the results of your workout.   The suit fits comfortably and can be worn under your usual workout wear, or alone. Strategically created to intensify sweat levels and deliver incomparable water weight loss results. The suit is an essential tool to get the most out of your cut weight workout.

Whether you cut weight in sauna, cut weight for powerlifting, or are used to cutting weight in a sauna suit, this suit feels like a natural progression to your workout.  This is the signature product in our cutting weight sauna suit collection and a fan favorite of all of our cutting weight suit collection. It's perfect to cut weight for men, cut weight for women, or simply use to amplify your current workout.  The cutting weight sauna suit in addition to our cutting weight sauna shirt is the staple of our cut weight apparel.  Try our cutting weight suits today.

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