Welcome to Gymscanner...the ultimate experience in booking gym memberships worldwide.

What is it about?
Locate a gym, discover exclusive offers and subscribe online. Simple as that.

We are the first and the global gym marketplace that allows you, the user, to search, locate, view, join or renew gym memberships online. With exclusive offers and secret deals only found on, get more by paying less. (and soon mobile application) is a global company but with a focus on you. We want you to get the best deal on your gym membership, access super deals on fitness products and connect with a community of gym goers worldwide.

But Gymscanner is more than just discounts. You get to rate your favourite fitness center, share exclusive offers with your friends and be immersed in an exciting community of gym users.

From local events in your area to building a global platforms that enabled users like you gain access to gyms in your country, or anywhere in the world, the fitness industry is going to be powered by

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