Ek Sistemas Ltd

The core business of EK Sistemas Ltd is wholesale of electrical equipment and materials, lighting equipment, building management systems and industrial electronics solutions.
We perform lighting calculations using Dialux, Optiwin, and Europic programs. If necessary, the idea and the calculations are carried out in cooperation with the engineers of the luminary factory.  
Calculations and consulting are free of charge. We offer to perform illumination measurements using calibrated measuring equipment.
A wide range of light fixtures is available for experimentation in difficult-to-illuminate projects to give an accurate idea of ​​the expected result.
There is a wide variety of general indoor lighting as well as functional, mood and decorative lighting, as well as specialized lighting for objects of various meanings and sizes, from residential, public and commercial buildings and premises to various outdoor areas, such as parks, gardens, sports grounds, highways, footpaths, facades, etc.

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