Omar Khayyam Pictorial Wallhanging Oriental Rug 91x152Cm

Area/Neighbourhood: Paris France

Omar Khyyam rugs inspired by the poetry of the famous Persian poet Omar Khayyam; (1048 –1131). Revered and remembered for his poetry Omer Khayyam is still fuelling the imagination and stirring passions of his enthusiasts. A true mystic who openly wrote about wine, singing, and dancing in a conservative Islamic world. 

Every single rug design has a rich history and tradition dating back to the prior centuries when Omer Khayyam sang with all his glory about the beauty of this world and beyond.

View additional pictures to see the exotic different design patterns done in highly stylized, beautiful, superb craftsmanship unparalleled in the whole world.

Choose a beautiful, genuine 100% handmade rug at a fantastic price from our huge selection of designs and colors available in different sizes. We don't compromise on quality. All rugs are carefully inspected and flaw removed before rugs are packed and sold.

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Our products are imported directly from Pakistan and every carpet is unique and one of its own.

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