Tear Drop Hanging Cane Wicker Swing Chair


Wonderful addition to your home or garden patio, these three cane swing models are the most authentic deal. Suitable for all ages, these heavy duty Bamboo swing chair hangs from any strong chain or rope with a hand-forged hook, cradling you for a quiet Zen moment, indoors or outdoors.

Cool for teen’s room, swimming pool area or even cooler for your hotel, restaurant, beach resort, home or garden. Simple, sustainable, real bamboo, durable, handmade, portable, easy to sit in both for teens and grownups. 

We have Three models of these Cane Swing Hanging Chairs: 

1- Tear Drop Model                   Price: €279.    Dimensions: 42 x 32 x 25" (Suitable for all adults)

2- Oval Shape Medium Sized : Price: €220    Dimensions: 38"x 24" x 16" (Suitable for Children & Teens)

3- Oval Shape Big Size :         : Price: €299    Dimensions:  42" x 32" x 20"(Suitable for all ages)

Ships in 11 to 20 days. Worldwide Shipping.

Buy it today and become envy of your guests and neighbors.

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