Decentralised Mlm Software System Development Company

Price: 20,000 MYR/Year
Area/Neighbourhood: Kuala Lumpur

Decentralized MLM Platform with Ethereum Smart Contract

The development and deployment of building MLM website is possible with the support of the top leading service provider who well verses in MLM Software development along with Ethereum smart contract integration.
In exact, we delivers you with assets based on your MLM business demands with no mistakes and precisely what you want. You can get an unmatched level of satisfaction with the service when it comes about cryptocurrency related products or services.

Multi-Level Marketing is a unique method of selling a product or service to a large number of people who could also be interested in joining the network. It is a method with which you can accentuate the sales and expand the workforce of your business at the same time.

There are different plans with which you can manage an MLM business and binary is one of them. It involves two legs and in both of them, is a potential number of distributors to be handled. Both these trees are also called subtrees and they can be called either a power leg or a weak leg depending on their performance, the one that makes a profit is called power leg and the one lagging behind is a weak leg.

The unique thing about binary MLM is its strategy which is not just dichotomized but it is also very overarching. It gives you various opportunities of bringing more plans for wider distribution which gets possible with the inclusion of a large number of distributors. With this move, the binary tree gets bigger and you get reliable links in the market.

Benefits of using a Binary plan in marketing:

1.High-Spillover: The capacity to increase the number of members under your upline is called spillover and it is one of the Key Performance Indicator(s) for an MLM business. When you are working with a network that comprises of multiple members, it is important to keep enhancing the headcount and this model helps you with that.

2. Unlimited Depth: The depth is the extent to which you can expand your network and it is also a very pivotal factor. With this model, you can augment the limit and make your own workforce bigger than ever. It also allows you to attain feats when it comes to hitting sales with a better distribution mechanism.

3. Swift Expansion: When it comes to expansion, you need to make sure that your network of distribution strikes a chord with a large number of audiences. This model makes every product or service likable for prospective customers and helps you come up with a strategy as well.

4. Volume-Driven: You cannot expect success to pervade in your business unless the very core of it is crafted to handle large volumes of transactions. This plan gives you the ability to do that and it also allows you to get better results in every quarter regardless of what you are dealing with.

5. Decentralized: By decentralized, we do not mean its association with crypto, but it means that you expand and run your business from multiple places without the need to centralize the operations.


DApps have to interact with other DApps for their API needs, which is a disadvantage because they cannot access APIs through a centralized application.

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