Impact Best Vlf Metal detector Ever - New Price

Impact metal detector from the Turkish company Nokta-Makro is a unique multi-purpose and high-performance device in all-natural conditions and terrain.

Within two years of its issuance, IMPACT proved its capabilities and reliability through the experiences of prospectors and through real success stories such as the discovery of coins, statues and ancient monuments by searchers from different countries in the world.

The main important feature of the device is the Multi-Frequency technology, which was introduced first through this device, which allows the use of one of three available search frequencies and switching between them when searching to suit the discovery of different targets in various ground conditions.

In addition, the device has many features and functions to facilitate the work of prospectors and treasure hunters, for example 12 different search mode for custom detection applications, the digital ID feature of the target and the ignorance of specific range of metals as well as the cancellation of iron and special sound tones, plus the economic price.

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