For Sale!!! Eco resort Plavnica, Montenegro !


On the very shore of the Skadar Lake, within the ring of the living waters, surrounded by luscious vegetation, a representative tourist complex Plavnica is located. The complex covers 20 hectares with the seven of them carefully landscaped, with numerous buildings and facilities cleverly intertwined, with their contents completing each other, attracting everybody with their beauty and elegance.

The Plavnica Complex has an especially suitable communication location: it is in the immediate vicinity of the Podgorica – Petrovac thoroughfare, of the Belgrade – Bar railway line and the international Podgorica airport.

1. The PLAVNICA building is today a brand that is recognizable in Montenegro and everywhere countries of the region. 2. The Plavnica building has historical value. 3. At Plavnica there was a port for shipping between Montenegro and Albania, and we are working on restoring that shipping line with our ship that we are with already sailed twice to Shkodër (Albania). 4. The PLAVNICA facility is located in the Skadar Lake National Park. Lake Skadar is connected to the sea by the river Bojana. Object PLAVNICA is located 18 km from the capital Podgorica, 7 km from Golubovci airport and a 30-minute drive to the sea. The building was built in 2007. We own: - about 6 hectares of land is our 1/1, - Restaurant with a capacity of up to 400 seats, - 4 apartments of 60 m2 each, - Cafe Rotonda 150 seats, - auxiliary building of 600 m2, - parking of 7000 m2 for 200 vehicles and 5 buses and reserve parking for 500 vehicles, - amphitheater with swimming pool 1500 m2, capacity 700 seats, - swimming pool 500 m2, - marina 100 berths built, 100 half-built, - a catamaran boat 40 m long with 150 places closed type with a kitchen and more, 100 outdoor seats, - 1 bridge over the Plavnica river that flows next to the building and does not dry up and is clean water and 1 bridge at the main entrance. 5. It is allowed to build: - hotel with 2900 m2, - 3 bungalows with 80 m2 each, - sports fields on 2 hectares, - parking lot with 800 spaces. 6. We applied to increase the capacity of the hotel to 200 rooms and 100-200 bungalows. - 2.5 hectares are built on state land that can be quickly regulated, - We are in negotiations with the municipality for another 11 hectares. - Expansion of the land in case of need is possible. 7. The facility has its own substation of 630 kw. 8. The facility has its own spring water supply. 9. The facility has its own filter station for wastewater treatment. Note: In order to be able to build the existing Plavnica facility, we had to carry out preparatory work works namely: • to widen the village road with a length of 6 km, • We built 1.5 km of asphalt road with a width of 12 m to the building together with a pedestrian path path and lighting, • we installed about 2 km of underground cables of 10 KW to the building, • we dug the river in a length of 3 km, • we cleaned the bottom of the river from old sunken vessels, • we built a new harbor for the locals so that they would not disturb the peace of the new facility Plavnica, • For 5 years, we piled gravel and soil in order to make an island on which to build there is an existing facility, • we built a marina about 7m deep

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