Nrs Karmakar

NRSKarmakar is a human resources platform looking to simplify and consequently revolutionise the process of the employment of interns in Nepal. In the past, it was difficult for employers and internship seekers to connect. The process was slow and complicated due to limited resources, undeveloped technology and communication issues. However, NRSKarmakar bridges the gap between employers and interns by offering end-to-end employment solutions and career planning tools. By bringing the employers and interns together on one platform, all resources can be centralised which favous all parties.

NRSKarmakar is a convenient website with advanced features, that supports the employment of interns, alongside training services to suit all your employment needs. With countless hiring companies on the NRSKarmakar books, applicants’ profiles are sent to employers to ensure the highest rate of successful employment. No matter the sector you aspire to work, NRSKarmakar is dedicated to finding you an internship to help you achieve your career goals.

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