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I give private guitar lessons for ALL LEVELS, from beginners to post-graduate music professionals.
Choosing a guitar teacher isn't a light-headed decision.
It should be someone who:
- Is well experienced in teaching, with a personal approach towards the student and good communication skills.
- Is a good musician, inspiring & fun teacher, who is passionate about what he does.
- Encourages positive thinking.
- Has the ability at all times to give you an honest general overview regarding your musicianship.
- Teaches you a good technique (wrong techniques can lead easily to injuries and will seriously limit your range of progress or even stop you from playing. And believe me, getting rid of bad habits is the toughest thing!)
- Someone who can sense the areas you need to work on musically, while being sensitive to your personality.

SUBJECTS (fuller description see below):
- Guitar lessons: different styles and subjects: From basics to high level
- Preparation for conservatory
- Jazz improvisation
- Improvisation for classical players (but not only)
- Singer song writer course
- Ear training course
- Band coaching
- Guitar lessons and body awareness

GUITAR LESSONS & BODY AWARENESS- I accept people from all levels, as long as they are motivated to learn. I teach nearly all music subjects on demand. Complementary general music lessons are possible besides instrument lessons.
I combine in my teaching exercises & elements based in Yoga and body awareness to help you improve concentration, proper use of your body when playing, relaxation and getting rid of bad habits.

PREPARATION FOR CONSERVATORY: I have been already preparing quite some students who wished to be accepted to the Amsterdam and also Den Haag conservatory in the field of Jazz performance. Preparation includes ear training, Solfege (sight reading) and of course main instrument. Normally the entry exams are in May - June, so to those of you who might consider to enroll in such program, this is now a good time to start preparing!

EAR TRAINING COURSE - I want to highlight this time the importance of ear training. Before you have played a single note or a chord on your instrument, the music comes within you, between your ears. People with a better ear understand and communicate music much faster, will be better improvisers, will decipher harmony and melodies with more ease, and so much more.
I really recommend this to anyone who wants to become a better musician, whatever your musical interest and direction are . I have been taken those classes myself from a very young age, separate from the instrument lesson, and I can just tell you enough what a blessing this has been for me. The good news are that it's never too late to start, and you are guaranteed with results within a short time ( if you do your practice of course).
I recommend to follow this course as an individual lesson, but for those of you would like to do it in group, I will open such group with maximum 5 people at a time. Such group to be divided according to levels. Please email me for details, if interested.


This strikes me every time! There are incredible classical players who are too afraid to improvise, who think they can't improvise, and choose to stay away from improvisation. I have been working with different classical players on improvisation, and guess what? It works! Improvisation is a language, and like any language, you start from some words, hand gestures and you throw yourself into it. Most classical players I met are afraid to improvise due to the fact that they are afraid to show themselves in a 'weak' position musically when it comes to improvising, far away from 'what they are capable of' while playing written music. I find this a pity. Put your ego and fears aside, and you'll see that an other world awaits for you!


In this course we focus on various issues when you want to combine your guitar playing and your voice. We work on coordination, arranging, story telling, stage performance, presence, and how to use and channel your energies in the best way according to your personality and your level. The aim is to create a short program of songs and make you ready to perform them.
This course is not a technical singing course. For purely singing classes, you should address yourself to a vocal coach.

GROUP COACHING - This can be for existing groups who want to have feedback for improving their program, their way to work together, better division of roles per instrument, arranging, instrumentalists working with singers (and vice versa), and more.

I am myself a music conservatory graduate, an active music performer and teacher.
Teaching can be in different languages (English, French, Spanish, Dutch)
The lessons are given in 2 central locations in Amsterdam.
Possibility of choice for lessons of 30 minutes, 45 minutes (recommended for children) or 1 hour (recommended for adults).

If interested to set a lesson or have any questions, you can call me on 06-29564595 or send me an email to [...].

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