New! The Expat Music School!

Area/Neighbourhood: Amsterdam Center

The idea of the Expat Music School ( Please see is to offer you a multi-lingual choice for music education in Amsterdam, with some of the best music teachers around.

It is a small school based in Amsterdam with a main focus of delivering quality, providing all necessary tools for students to become successful all-around musicians. All levels are welcome on base of motivation. 
The school is at the moment mostly around Guitar studies and general musical subjects, but we'll do our best to assist in redirecting you to a teacher with the instrument & hopefully language of your choice. All teachers are remarkable music performers themselves. The teacher's aim is to give you the best tips available based on stage experience, being a living example for what one teaches. In other words, Talk the talk but walk the walk too.

Available languages are Dutch, English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, German, Slovenian, Italian, Hungarian & more.
The number of aplicants is limited as we don't want to compromise between quality with quantity.

Please inquire all info & prices on our website and contact us with your questions. 



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