Hire Forklifts & Telehandlers - Kennards Hire New Zealand

Telehandlers and forklifts help you to extend your reach and move heavy equipment or material around the job site. Perfect for factory fitouts or regular maintenance, make sure to check out the range on offer from Kennards Hire NZ. We also stock a range of attachments available for hire for both forklifts and telehandlers. There is a local Kennards Hire branch through most areas in New Zealand.

Types of Forklifts & Telehandlers available for hire:

  • Forklift (1.5t to 2t) - Forklift for lifting and moving smaller 1.5-2 tonne loads.

  • Forklift (2.1t to 2.5t) - Ride-on petrol or gas forklift capable of lifting 2.1 to 2.5 tonne depending on model.

  • Forklift (3t to 3.5t) - Forklift for all your reaching and lifting applications.

  • Telehandler (2.5t to 2.9t) - Extremely versatile telescopic material handling vehicle, for heavy loads, to be transported on all types of terrain.

  • Forklift (slippers - 1600mm) - Extends standard fork tyne length.

  • Forklift (slippers - 1800mm) - Extends standard fork tyne length.

  • Forklift (slippers - 2400mm) - Extends standard fork tyne length.

  • Forklift (Work Platform) - To safely access high work areas for stocktakes or maintenance tasks.

  • Forklift (Jib Extendable) - Convert your forklift into a simple crane.

  • Telehandler (Rhino Jib) - Telehandler extension jib for lifting loads.

  • Forklift (Jib) - Gives your forklift a lifting hook to safely suspend loads.

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