Hire Trenchers - Kennards Hire New Zealand

A self-propelled trencher is ideal for narrow access applications and can make it infinitely easier to lay pipe and electrical cabling, or dig service trenches for new housing areas. At Kennards Hire NZ, we have a variety of trenchers available for hire. There is a local Kennards Hire branch through most areas in New Zealand.

Types of Trenchers available for Hire:

  • Trencher (85mm x 450mm - Self Propelled) - Smaller trencher ideal for irrigation or small wire trenching.

  • Trencher (90mm x 600mm - Self Propelled) - Designed for optimum productivity, self propelled trenching machines simplify the task of laying pipes, conduit and irrigation hose. Ideal for narrow access applications. This machine is easy to use and transport. This unit will trench up to 550 mm per pass.

  • Trencher (125mm x 1000mm - Self Propelled) - This slightly wider trencher uses tracks to provide outside traction on wet soil, clay, sand or steep terrain. Effect on existing landscape is softened and impact from rocks, roots or other obstructions in the soil is absorbed.

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