Looking for Best Retaining Wall Construction Service in NZ !

Retaining walls can be required too many aspects whether you plan a concrete retaining wall in a garden or a tall structure to protect against soil from getting eroded. The retaining wall expert at Ambient Civil can construct a retaining wall to act as a lawn planter to add beauty to your garden, provide solidity on a tricky section before building a new property, create a retaining wall alongside a driveway to act as a boundary, create boundaries or protect land on developments for commercial and residential retaining wall construction and act as stability for unbalanced industrial areas such as mines and others residential projects.
Ambient Civil has been in the construction sector for more than 2 decades and has handled a number of tricky sites and tough projects in that time. Our skilled team can deal with any retaining wall service assign to them. We always like to works with quality products that are proven to be trustworthy and do the job, and we look from nearby product vendors wherever requires.

Types of Retaining Wall:
Timber Retaining Wall
Keystone Retaining Wall
Gabion Basket Retaining Wall

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