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People become more and more aware about the importance of their roofing condition and make use of internet facts and references when searching for reliable roofing contractors. Learn what to mainly keep account of when hiring roofers. Homeowners are aware of the fact that the roofs of their houses are most exposed to extreme weather conditions, and they provide protection from the outside environment.  You should first start looking for authorized roofers. Find a roof replacement Auckland business that has been active in this field for at least few years. This proves that the company knows how to adapt to market fluctuations and practices competitive prices. Make sure that the roofers you want to hire are experienced at performing the type of job you require. Sometimes you can have a look at their portfolios and learn more about their previous projects. Good reviews, recommendations and tutorials are also quite important when choosing among roof replacement Auckland companies. You can even drive around your neighborhood and ask for recommendations from home owners who seem to be endowed with excellent looking roofs.

Pro-Roofing is run by Chris Jones, a roofing specialist with over 21 years of experience. Born in South Wales in 1966, in a town called Abertillery, Chris began his roofing career at the age of 19. He performed a range of roofing services on a variety of projects throughout the UK.

Chris eventually moved to House Roofing in Auckland with his wife, a local Kiwi herself, and began performing quality roofing services throughout the region. Since launching Pro-Roofing in New Zealand he has established a strong reputation for his commitment to the community, lending his expertise to a variety of clients and projects.

Chris takes the time to speak with all of his clients, understanding their requirements before completing any work. He has the hands-on experience to complete industrial, commercial and residential roofing work to the highest standards. Chris also specialises in all aspects of villa and bungalow roofing.

For dedicated service from beginning to end Pro-Roofing will be there, completing your project on time and on budget. Our roofing specialist can provide a range of re-roofing, roofing maintenance and more throughout Auckland. Save yourself time and money by getting the job done right the first time.

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