How to start mini importation business. Valuable guide ebook

Are you thinking of starting ecommerce business, buying and selling mini importation products. Are you a student, employee, self- employed, stay at home Mum, retired Mum or Dad, looking for Job, broke and you are thinking of starting a business. Mini importation business may be a good start -up business for you. In this book, you will learn all you need to know before starting Mini - Importation business.There are lots of benefits why you should start mini importation business here in Nigeria. 

Steps you should consider are:




You don't have to master a lot of things to make this work; it’s not complicated once you have the right information. You only need the right information and a good coach.




Where you live does not matter, with your mobile phone and right sales skills you’re good to start. 


 Like many people as done it before , you've done importation and you hit rock bottom because the first thing that came to your mind was the *"PRODUCT"* to import.


 So, like every other persons you went straight to import shoes, bags, shirts and trousers etc


The first thing to think of before venturing into mini importation is not goods but "MARKET". 


 You must know your target audience and what exactly they would like to buy. 


You must know your target audience because everyone cannot buy from. 


This is the beginning of frustration for several importers.


Here are the basic things you must know to be successful in importation:


1. Niche forecasting (Choosing the right product to sell)


 2. knowing the numbers


3. Product Sourcing


4. Websites for transactions.


5. Shipping to Nigeria


6. Sales startegies



*Niche forecasting (Choosing the right product to sell)*


A niche is a specific area of marketing which has its own particular requirements, customers, and products.


Niche forecasting is choosing the specialization you wish to go into, by forecasting you sample several options of interest or hot selling options you would want to specialize in and learn everything you need to know about it.


What you must do is sell what people *WANT* not necessarily what they **NEED*.


Provide solutions to *PROBLEMS* and you'll sell.


To set up a niche you must understand how humans are wired and configured...


 *All humans have strong desires for the following needs:*


1. Social approval or desire to look superior or appear to be winning. 




2. Comfortable living condition.


Do you want to know more about mini importation business and how to secure your products.


Have made a step by step book for you, in this book


*,you are going to learn how to start MINI Importation business with a low capital.*


*30 Top hot products that sell in Nigeria*


And many more.


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