design styled reclaimed teak lounger Sierra de Samana

Area/Neighbourhood: Zeewolde

Design styled reclaimed teak lounger Sierra de Samana. A beautiful piece. A piece of art and a quality of its own. Shaped to comfortable lounging. The lounger is mounted on a industrial style steel frame, which is movable by your body weight.

Reclaimed teak is teakwood that has been used previously, but is re-purposed into gorgeous timber with a rustic feel and a lot of character. Often teak is reclaimed from flooring, large structural timbers, commercial buildings and old traditional houses, which means that the reclaimed wood is taken from larger format pieces that allow for a very nice finished product. Because teak wood that we use in our reclaimed furniture is originally from old growth trees in Central Java, we can be sure that the wood is top quality. Teak wood in general is capable of lasting more than a century. The natural qualities of the wood make it impervious to all of the normal culprits of wood degradation.
The difference between reclaimed teak and other woods is that it has been reclaimed and recycled from robust structures, refinished and customized to make stunning (outdoor) furniture. Each piece is unique, with different colour variations, detail and feel. We love that we can offer you a one-off piece of beautiful furniture at competitive prices and exceptional quality. Whether you are opting for an entirely rustic feel or curating something more modern in tone; incorporating reclaimed teak will add a sense of solidity, occasion and one of high end luxury

Our own workshop in Indonesia

We supply directly from our own workshop in Indonesia, without any middlemen, agents or wholesalers. This 'direct' selling cuts out any unnecessary costs, benefiting a better price for you.
After the arrival of a container from Indonesia in Rotterdam, Singapore, the UAE, Qatar and Oman, we ship and transport directly from the container to your front door - anywhere in your destionation: a concept also known as 'container door sales'. Because if this we have very low overhead resulting in even better prices for the same quality products that would be a lot more expensive anywhere else.
We ship a container from Indonesia to Rotterdam, Singapore, the UAE, Qatar and Oman, every 8 weeks: a delivery period similar to a lot of regular furniture places even if you buy it in the country of your origin. If this 'waiting' time works for you, this ensures you the best possible price!
As most items are made from scratch by our artisan carpenters, everything can also be custom made, tailored to your wishes and required dimensions generally at no extra cost. Our online shop is a good place to use for all our 'standard' items. For anything else, simply send us an email and we'll be happy to make you a quotation for what you need. You are also invited to send us drawings or pictures of items you don't see on this website, and in most cases we can make these for you too.
Whether you choose from our listed collections, have special wishes or custom made items, we cater to individuals, hospitality and offices: and naturally offer special rates for these last two categories depending on the volume ordered.


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