Voice Biometric in Pakistan|provides Security Authentication

Voice Biometric in Pakistan is a sort of security verification software that depends on an individual's exceptional voice designs for recognizable proof so as to get entrance. This sort of confirmation requires a gadget that can catch an individual's voice all around precisely and programming that can perceive the examples of the voice and contrast it with officially perceived patterns.Voice verification is otherwise called voice biometrics, voice ID or speaker acknowledgment.

TrackQlik Features:

·         Mobile Biometric with Voice & Facial Recognition

·         Field Survey Digitization

·         GeoFencing Software

·         Field Document Verification

·         Field Force Data Collection

·         Field Force Request Management

·         Field Force Route Optimization

·         Field Force Task & Expenses

·         Field Service Management

·         Order & Delivery Tracking

·         Transportation & Fleet Tracking

·         Mobile Forms & Field Data

·         Field Service Visibility & Management

Services TrackQlik offer:

·         Survey Digitization Services

·         Quality & Quantity Assurance

·         Field Inspection & Surveillance

·         Digital Stock Reconciliation

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