Cobra Gx 8000 Versatile All in One Metal Detector – New 2020


COBRA GX 8000 metal detector is an all in one device for gold detection, metal detection, treasure hunting and gold prospecting which meet all the needs and requested features of all treasure hunters and professional prospectors around the world.


Cobra GX 8000 includes for the first time in one metal detector device six search systems with different detection technologies that offer all tools for prospectors for various applications and tasks related to treasure hunting and metal detection activities.

Key Features:

- 6 search systems including:

*  3 x Long Range Systems [ Single – Double – Free Mode]

* 3 x Ionic Systems [ Ion – Ionic – Bionic]

- Scan Range: 0 - 2000 meter (adjustable)

- Depth Range: 0 - 50 meter (adjustable)

- 12 Programs to find all metal types (Gold – Silver – Diamond …)

- Easy program with simple easy to follow steps

- User interface available in: English – German – French – Spanish – Persian.


unleash your passion for discovering treasures with COBRA GX 8000 the best and reliable device to detect the deepest treasures buried underground easily.


COBRA GX 8000 is available now at great price with free shipping to any country in the world via DHL


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