Area/Neighbourhood: 2200 Jesus St, Pandacan, Manila, 1011 Metro Manila

Angkas was founded in 2016. Today, Angkas is the most popular motorcycle ride-hailing and delivery service in the country, with over 27,000 biker-partners and over 3 million app downloads.

Angkas is a Philippine motorcycle vehicle for hire and package delivery company based in Makati, Metro Manila.

Our mission is to provide inclusive mobility for Filipinos using the versatility of motorcycles. 

Given the worsening traffic in major urban areas from the lagging infrastructure development in the country, Filipinos require more and better transport options, whether to transport themselves, or to have items delivered. We believe that motorcycles are low-cost, versatile, and most of all, already widely adopted for personal use and therefore an effective solution. They are currently underutilized though as a for-hire service, and it is our mission to increase their accessibility to more people.

A Joy to Ride. We’re only a joy to ride because of our awesome team and the struggles we’ve endured to give everyone the best service possible.

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