The Future is calling:using Voice Biometri software in Qatar

Voice Biometric software in Qatar screen the rhythm and complement, just as demonstrate the shape and size of the larynx, nasal entries, and vocal tract of an individual, to help recognize and verify the person. How does the framework work? A client should initially make a voiceprint by chronicle his/her name, age, address, and a lot of mystery sound notes. The voice acknowledgment framework catches the voice print and examines the discourse and breathing example.

TrackQlik Features:

·         Mobile Biometric with Voice & Facial Recognition

·         Field Survey Digitization

·         GeoFencing Software

·         Field Document Verification

·         Field Force Data Collection

·         Field Force Request Management

·         Field Force Route Optimization

·         Field Force Task & Expenses

·         Field Service Management

·         Order & Delivery Tracking

·         Transportation & Fleet Tracking

·         Mobile Forms & Field Data

·         Field Service Visibility & Management

Services TrackQlik offer:

·         Survey Digitization Services

·         Quality & Quantity Assurance

·         Field Inspection & Surveillance

·         Digital Stock Reconciliation

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