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We, at Quiko, manufacture and commercialize automation systems for gates and doors along with other wide range of products including automation for civil and industrial gates, barrier gate, automatic barriers, parking lots management systems, automatic rising bollards, access control systems, automatic doors, door entry systems, hands-free opening devices, electronic control boards for automatic gates, control and safety devices, CCTV products and many more. The gates or door automation system, apart from adding curb appeal, help in making any property more secure. Nowadays, many industries have shifted towards the industrial gates automation, in order to add an extra layer of security to protect their machinery and large inventories.

Automatic Barriers, Bollards & Parking Systems: Quiko offers ICARUS, PARKY, and CENTURION as part of automatic barriers, bollards, & parking system segment. ICARUS is part of automated barriers for residential and intensive use and includes both the high speed and intensive commercial use models. It can also be used as security barriers, but the highly recommended applications are protecting urban areas, private properties or public buildings against terrorism or undesired visitors. The CENTURION line is considered as the ultimate security barrier or automatic rising bollards. The rising bollards, manufactured at our facilities, are tested prior to making sure that they are of the highest quality and perform the desired application. The bollards have the capacity to resist high impact forces and ensure good workability in all situations. 

The PARKY range provides completely professional parking management solutions. Parking is one of the prime issues in most of the places and hence it requires proper management in order to ensure less tumultuous situation. Equipment like automatic payment with automated entry and exit stations provides an ideal way of achieving parking system management.

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