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Heavy tank Panzer Tiger 6. Heavy tank "Tiger" began to be designed by Henschel "in 1941 and was launched in August 1942 year. for the first time, the" Tigers "byle action in August-September 1942 year on the Volkhov front in October-November, they participated in the last battles under the El Alamein. All production ceased in August 1944 year and replace this machine" Royal Tiger "1350 were made of such tanks. Brief technical specifications production: Germany crew: 5 weight: 57 tons dimensions: length 8 m; širina3, 73 m; vysota3 m power reserve: 100 km Armor: 28-100 mm armament: 88 mm Kwk-36, two 7.92 mm machine gun MG-34 engine: 12 cylinder petrol engine Maybach HL 230 P 45. Australian capacity. Performance: Max. Road speed of 45 km/h; climbing Ford 1.2 meters to wall fording 0, 8 m; climbing a ditch up to 2, 3 m Description: material: Plastic bench scale model 1:35 Dimensions: (mm) length (L) 235 mm width (B) 105 mm height (H) 85 mm product weight: 250 grmamm Coloring in different ways (winter, summer, desert, etc.) also manufacture according to your desire terms of manufacturing (Assembly) 21 day.

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