Gold detector Br Gold step

Area/Neighbourhood: ابوظبي الخالدية خلف الابراج الساطعة

With century device or century miracle without a competitor in the field of exploration And search for gold, minerals, caves and tunnels
What if your step will be from gold!
What if there is a step between you and your treasure?
Yes the dream becoming true now!


Gold Step Device:

This device is a sophisticated dual system device works with EMR  technology to detect gold, silver and vacuum to a depth of 20 meters and 1,000 meters as a long range ,with  high filtered and accuracy system where the machine is equipped with filter made of gold in order to purify the signals of any impurities and filter it to 100%

Device Technology :

EMR is a modern technology for gold and minerals detection, an addition to built-in system of electric power and electromagnetic power and long-term survey anterior

There is no doubt that the buried minerals can produce positive magnetic power and voids can produce negative magnetic power , from this point we can detect metals and blanks to depths of 20 meters through modern sensor attached to the device that can reach to good depths and detect electromagnetic fields those made by metal or voids

Device specifications:

Gold Step is produced with new design that is completely different from other traditional devices, so that we reach to the golden generation of detection devices And has made in literal manner to be effective and usable with all users even normal users or experts users or exploration companies. This device has new shape that is easy to carry up and easy in  all times and in all areas , for example : mountainous , whether and deserts areas

Device's Features :

It is work with three detecting programs: gold detection , silver detection and caves detection. it can detect to 20 meters below the surface of the earth and promote the user to choose the depth before starting the work , like choose 4 meters , 8 meters , 12 meters , 16 meters , 20 meters.

This device provide user to choose long range program , for example 200 meters , 400 meters , 600 meters , 800 meters and 1000 meters .

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