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Area/Neighbourhood: Saudi Arabia, India, Nepal, Norway, Malaysia, Canada, Morocco

Welcome to the world of IELTS Counsellor’s Online Academic and Professional Services !

​Survival of the fittest is a strong reality. Whether you are our enrolled student or one of our alumni or even a professional who is unfamiliar of our capabilities, we aspire and attempt to support you at every step of your struggle for a bright existence.

​We intend to provide you a range of services and programs to support you in choosing well-informed career options. Therefore, IELTS Counsellor’s Online Academic and Professional Services are dedicated in bringing high quality professional information, advice, guidance and counselling to students, professional workers, migrants, and expatriates worldwide.

​Among our prime objectives is to improve your personal skills and enable you to utilize opportunities and resources professionally, through appropriate guidance from our academics and career experts. In this regard, we are ambitious towards:

  • ​Increasing your awareness about Academic Institutions that suits your situation,
  • Apprising you of work opportunities and motivate you to become an active jobseeker.
  • Introducing you with the means and resources to seek and obtain educational scholarships
  • Sharing with you any essential study material, journal, or test resources as and when applicable.
  • Keeping you updated about the career and educational activities and events at IELTS Counsellor.

At our selected locations as well as ONLINE, we have also initiated services such as  CV Building,  Mock interviews,  Campus interviews, Career Assessment, Career Coaching, Career Planning, Vocational Training and guidance on Scholarships and Immigration online.

​For further details, you are invited to contact one of our Career Consultants in your city or country.

Wishing You Great Success in Your Career

Online Academic and Professional Services

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