Why IELTS or PTE only? You have a Great Package for Career

Price: 1,763 SAR/Year
Area/Neighbourhood: Dammam, Al Khobar, Doha, Dhahran

IELTS Counsellor has an innovative idea to help you achieve your career goals by making it affordable not only for you but also for your loved ones. In this regard, our first step is to offer you a package of essential services that could be hard for most people to get through a single reliable source.

CareerVacs bundles all the following services into a package of “Career-Grooming Annual Membership”. After you become a CareerVacs Member, you don’t have to bother about many of your concerns. For example, on one hand, you are preparing for your immigration by enrolling in our Featured Course, while on the other hand, your family members are improving their English proficiency at their convenient places. Surprisingly, all within the cost of membership (SAR 1763). For details, please go through the CAREER page of our website.

Real advantage : You will continue to be a member even after you return to your country or migrate anywhere in the world. That is, you would enjoy the member benefits wherever you live.


Behold !  CareerVacs Annual Membership offers you EVERYTHING in the list below :

  1. IELTS / PTE / OET / SAT / TOEFL / CELPIP (Any ONE)  training to CareerVacs Members by qualified and experienced teachers, with progress evaluation by examiners.
  2. Free Lectures & Webinars on a range of subjects and topics, conducted online by subject experts. These are essential for students, employees, and professionals.
  3. English Proficiency Course for 2 Family Members. Through this course your entire family would learn English usage, grammar, lexis, and fluency.
  4. Tele-Consultations will provide you immediate support by experts on WHAT to write or speak in specific situations while communicating at workplace.
  5. A Professionally Acceptable CV would be created with an appealing touch by our English Teachers, and Management Clients would review it for professionalism.
  6. On-Demand PowerPoint Presentations would be made for academic or professional use, depending on your specific need including guidance on delivering it.
  7. Your Personal Web Page  would be designed, hosted, and administered to reflect your dynamic portfolio, which would add value to your academic and business profile.
  8. An updated E-Library and E-Media membership would provide you impressive collection of books, articles, journals, and test-papers, and audio-visuals on many valuable subjects where you can choose the content you need precisely.
  9. An EduStore VIP Buyer Card would grant you authority to buy any item on this store by paying only 50% of the original market price of the displayed items.
  10. Expert Career Counselling to You and your family on matters such as higher education, scholarships, job vacancies, and even immigration.

In this way, CareerVacs Annual Membership is a package of ALL the above resources essential to immunize one’s career from numerous ifs and buts that they might be facing in their lives.


To subscribe as CareerVacs Annual Member, use the link : https://www.ieltscounsellor.com/career

Or Contact Our Career Counsellor :  [...]  |  +966 539 444 797 (WhatsApp/Call)  |  www.ieltscounsellor.com

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